5 Ways Sod Application Makes Better Sense For Businesses

Landscape Gardener Installing Sod
Sod isn't just an excellent solution for homeowners. Businesses also benefit from sod application over a traditional seed application in a variety of ways. Whether you're looking to enhance the look of your business's exterior or you want to save money, learn what new sod can offer you.

Instant Aesthetic Enhancement

Sod offers instant gratification in the realm of aesthetics. Unlike a seeded lawn, from the moment sod is installed, you have the look of a well-established, healthy lawn and exterior. In terms of the consumer, this type of appearance is beneficial. A customer with no history with your company will in part judge you based on the look of your building's exterior.
The better it looks, the more likely they are to do business with you and the worse it looks, the more likely they are to walk away. The instant gratification sod offers can help you invite more customers through the door.

High-Traffic Tolerance

Sod also offers business owners like yourself a lifeline when it comes to high-traffic durability. Few sights are more disappointing than seeing the lawn you've worked hard to establish and maintain in disarray due to heavy foot traffic. However, for a grassy patch near your entryway or another busy area, this is the outcome when you rely on a seeded lawn.
Sod has a higher resistance to frequent foot traffic. So, even if some of your customers bypass the paved sidewalk and walk on the grass, you can have greater confidence that the lawn will still look good.

Greater Erosion Control

Sod is also an excellent choice for erosion control when compared to seed application. Erosion is not only unsightly, but it can also cause costly damage so avoiding this issue altogether is best. Some of this benefit has to do with the fact that sod is fully established at the time of application.
However, the other layer of this benefit is the fact that sod is so dense, which creates a compact and tight layer over the ground. This immediate density will stop incidence of erosion almost immediately. With a seeded lawn, erosion control doesn't begin until the lawn is established and only if the lawn is healthy and full.

Better Weed Management

Weeds are never welcome, as they are an awful sight. Fortunately, a sod application can help keep weeds away. A seeded lawn generally takes around two months to flourish and establish. During this time, the open space leaves plenty of room for weeds to develop and grow. Sod, on the other hand, is established from day one.
So, from the very beginning, the sod will put pressure on any weeds that try to develop, which will hinder their growth. Although, sod isn't necessarily weed-free, you will have far fewer problems with a sodded lawn than you would with a seeded lawn.

Reduced Application Costs

Many people are under the impression that sod applications are more expensive than seed applications, but they often come to this conclusion because they aren't looking at the full cost of application. With a seeded lawn, installation is only the beginning.
Not only is there maintenance, but the seeds typically need to be watered at least four times a day for a period after the installation. This level of effort is both time-consuming and costly. With a sod application, the lawn only needs to be watered twice a day for the first couple of weeks. When you look at overall costs, sod can offer savings.
The above represent just a portion of the advantages sod applications afford businesses owners like yourself. If you want to experience these benefits, The Sod Source can help you.