How to Maintain Your Zoysia Lawn

Keeping your grass healthy doesn't require a lot of work, but it does mean keeping certain things in mind and staying organized. The following are some of the most important aspects of maintaining your Zoysia lawn.

Keep it Well Trimmed

Before you go on a mowing spree, one factor to keep in mind is the overall length of the grass leaf; you should only be mowing as much as a third of it. The blades on your equipment should be nice and sharp. Finally, it’s best to collect clippings rather than mulch them back into your lawn.

Feed it Nutritious Food

Nitrogen is your Zoysia lawn’s main supplemental nutritional need. During the growing season, you should be applying between 1 and 3 pounds of it per 1000 square feet. Avoid applying fertilizer while the ground is wet, and add iron every now and then to richen color.

Water it Often

Once your sod has been on the ground for several weeks, and its roots are strong, water only to supplement rain events. If you’re managing a large lawn, such as a park or golf course, it’s a good idea to keep logs of how much water your grass is receiving. Shoot for around an inch of water per week.
Use these tips to keep your yard looking and feeling great. To learn more about Zoysia grass, call The Sod Source at 478-230-1619.