The Benefits of Installing Centipede Sod

Installing centipede sod can be a quick, low maintenance and easy way to improve the look of your lawn. If you are considering sod options for your home or business, think about the benefits of this flat blade grass.

Build a Dense Turf

Centipede sod forms a luscious, dense turf. This helps the grass to hold up well against pests. The shallow roots may require regular watering, but the grass is a lower maintenance option than many varieties that have similar characteristics. Easy to install, this breed of grass will spread willingly, filling your yard with a light yellow-green blanket. A richer green can easily be achieved with the application of iron.

A Great Grass for Southern Climates

High heat and sandy soil can make growing many grasses difficult in the south. Centipede sod has many characteristics that make it ideal for southern climates. This grass favors sandy, acidic soils, and thrives in low to moderate nutrient conditions. There is also no dormancy period with this grass, making it great for places that are warm all year.
Centipede sod may work for you depending on your soil type, needs and the climate it is planted in. Call The Sod Source at 478-230-1619 to find out if this type of sod is right for you.