Three Benefits Of Palmetto St. Augustine Grass

A lush, green, vibrant lawn makes any home or business look more attractive. Keeping your lawn in great condition may seem daunting, but choosing a quality sod can make this task easier. Palmetto St. Augustine is a wonderful grass with many benefits. Some of them are:

Stands Up to Harsh Temperatures

This grass is used from coast to coast in the United States, and holds its color longer than other grasses, like Bermuda and Centipede. In some regions of the South, where the temperature does not drift much below freezing, it is evergreen. Only after several winters with heavy frosts will it get a brown tinge and eventually become dormant.

Tolerates Drought

This grass has proven in field tests that it can withstand up to two months of drought. In the driest months, you may have to irrigate your yard in order to maintain the lush, soft texture. In seasons of drought, Palmetto St. Augustine may wilt, but will perk back up with water.

Requires Little Sun

In various levels of sunlight, this grass maintains a consistent thickness and color. Most varieties of St. Augustine grasses are known for their shade tolerance, creating a uniform appearance.
Keep this grass in mind when choosing sod for your home or business. Contact The Sod Source to get Palmetto St. Augustine grass of your own today.