Winter Care Tips for Your Sodding

Preparing your sodding properly for winter will help ensure that you will have a great looking yard come springtime. Here are some tips on how you can winterize your lawn:

Mow to the Proper Length

Although this can depend on the type of grass you have, one rule of thumb is to keep your grass to around 1.5 inches in height before winter sets in. Remember that grass will grow more slowly in colder temperatures.

Remove Leaves

Although this may seem counterintuitive as decomposing leaves can feed your sod, they also can keep vital light and air from reaching it.

Monitor Moisture

The moisture level of the soil should be such that it is still damp at least 5 inches deep. If this is not the case, you will need to water your lawn. The amount you water may be lessened once winter hits, depending on the climate where you are living and how much rain you are receiving.

Use Special Fertilizers

There are fertilizers that are made to release their nutrients slowly so that the sod will continue to be nourished throughout the winter months.
While the above tips are good general guides, it’s important to remember that different types of sod can each have their own requirements. For the best results, consult the professionals from whom you purchased your sod as to the specific needs of the variety you have chosen. For more information on winter care for sodding, call The Sod Source at 478-230-1619.