Our Farm Provides the Sod You Need for Projects Across Georgia

The Sod Source specializes in high-quality sod direct from our farm. We supply our customers with the best turfgrass available, with options suitable for residential yards, sports fields, golf courses, public or private parks, or large commercial campuses. Owned and operated by Chris Hays, co-founder, The Sod Source was established nearly 20 years ago with 100 acres of turf. We now maintain 200 acres of top-notch grass ready for you to buy. As the grower and seller, we can offer you a special deal on our product for sale. Sod is ideal for a number of different purposes due to its durable, versatile nature, minimal maintenance requirements, and capability to be installed and maintained even where seeding is impossible or impractical. In this way, sod is often preferable to a naturally cultivated lawn.

Turfgrass Options for Every Situation

No matter what your project or venue might be, we can provide you with sod that will suit your purposes perfectly. There are a huge number of different types of sod available; they vary in sun sensitivity, water and fertilizer requirements, tolerance of heat and cold, mowing height and frequency, resistance to foot traffic and potential for grass diseases. Our selection is even available in a variety of colors and textures for total buyer satisfaction. Our sod farm proudly grows and offers the following types of turf:
  • Palmetto St. Augustine®
  • JaMar Zoysia®
  • Zeon Zoysia®
  • Meyer Zoysia
  • Centipede
  • Fescue
  • Bermuda 419
We are happy to provide all of the information necessary to lay, establish and maintain whichever style of turfgrass you choose. Sod is available for both pickup and delivery at your convenience, and we also offer installation services.
Flower Garden — sod in Unadilla, GA

Serving the Entire State of Georgia

If you need sod for a project in the state of Georgia, please feel free to call us at 478-230-1619 or 866-297-6366 for an estimate, or visit us to browse our selection and variety charts.